I know I have found a rare treasure, but I cannot tell you exactly where it comes from or its age.  Please view and enlarge all photos and feel free to ask any questions or offer any knowledge you may have.  I will be happy to send any extra pictures if requested.  I could only post 12. 
This Kwan Yin bronze statue stands 2 ft. tall with "crest".  The "crest" measures 6" across & 9.5" tall.  It is removable and so is the lotus blossom & bud.  I don't know what exactly the metal is because of the extreme patina/ verdigris.  It feels very heavy like solid bronze, but the color underneath base is pretty black (maybe iron).  It could have had a repair to inside of base.  There's a crack to the outside in the middle of the pedestal base.  There is a chip on her upper lip and one on her right hand/wrist.  It also looks like she was painted gold at one time and some spots of gold still remain.  I found this extraordinary piece at an estate sale of an elderly woman in Colorado who was a world traveler and collector.  It is heavy and will be packaged carefully for shipping.  It will be fully insured!  Let me know if you have any other shipping or handling preferences!